Glutamine for gaining weight?


Nov 25, 2007
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I hear it reduces muscle deterioration which would lead to gaining weight. Has anyone tried this?
well when i was tring to loose weight i was taking this stuff to help my joints but after i started to take it, my weight stoped going down, i stayed at 230 untill i stoped taking it then i went down to 216 now. i heard it increases insulin but i think i get a bit smaller and lost some fat with it.
Glutamine is an essential Amico Acid. It is best used immediately after a workout to re-up protein levels and synthesis in your tired muscles.
1-2 grams after a workout is usually suggest for bulking

but yes it can be used to keep your muscle if you are on a heavy cut diet and not getting enough protein.

Essentially it will help you keep your weight or increase it. but it will be muscle not fat
I dont think it gains weight, just maintains it.
for gaining weight?

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