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Glutamine Brands


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Jul 12, 2002
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I have started taking L-glutamine tablets from "Body Fortress". I have been taking them for about two month's, unfortunately with no effects. I don't feel my strength has improved at all, or recovery time or even size!

Do you guys think I am using a "shitty" brand? maybe the quality of the ingredients is bad.. what is the best brand for glutamine suplements out there?

also, should I be mixing it with any other suplement for it to act more efficienlty?

Cheers for any imput
Monger's probably right, unless you're doing serious endurance work. Those articles don't address the effectiveness of glutamine in replenishing severely depleted glycogen stores (i.e. not from weight training), which may be fairly significant. I've used it before to help recover from races, if I have other competitions in the same day. Probably not what you're looking for though.
yeah, I guess it is all trial and error for me as I don't know much about sup's, just recently started taking this sort of stuff, I try using something for a month or two, if it doesn't work I change to something else.. Going to try whey protein next
Like everyone else said glutamine doesn't really help unless you need extremely fast recovery or you're using illegal substances that improve your muscles recovery time up to a point where glutamine can help.

Whey, creatine, fish oil/flax seed oil, and whole food vitamins are what I use. I occasionally use Lipo 6 too when I do a cheat meal or if I'm just feeling in the dumps.

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