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Glove Trade


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Aug 19, 2003
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Alright so I bought some KOTC gloves from Ouano a while back and they are too big. I was wondering if anyone has the wrong size and wants to trade. They are size M I need a small, yeah I have little girl hands. Anyways if anyone is interested in a glove trade PM I will send you pictures and everything. They were only ever used for a few rounds of bag work cause they are just too big. Yeah I figured Id try this before ebay, cause my customers always seem to be illiterate. Also I'd be willing to trade for a different kind of glove.
Just have a suggestion, would it help any if you wrapped your hands?
I have used Harbinger style MMA gloves that are a size M but a little on the small side. Some of the stitching came off so they would be best used for bag work. PM me if you are interested.
Jammyface said:
Just have a suggestion, would it help any if you wrapped your hands?

no they are just too big, I mean yeah they will fit if I wrap them like I would at muay thai class but I would never be able to grab anything. Besides leather stretches so it would just get worse. I mean there is a good 3/4-1" gap between my hand and the inside of the glove, the papping litterally hangs off the pinky side of my hand an inch you could fit another one of my fingers in the pinky and ring finger holes.I have a pair of windy shooto gloves size medium and they fit perfect. They are snug with just enough room to tape my hands a bit.