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Global Jiu Jitsu


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Oct 18, 2006
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Anyone here currently train or has recently trained at Global Jiu Jitsu in Costa Mesa, CA? I'll be moving to the area in a few months and am looking for somewhere to train. Any info would be appreciated, but I'm particularly interested to know about the overall quality of instruction, # of higher belts (I'm purple), cost, and training atmosphere.

Thanks, in advance.
Use to train there before it moved. I'm sure it has top instruction and great students. Stop by and try out a class. I believe Marcelo is still the teacher.
3 Joe Moreira Black belt instructors here. New facility in Costa Mesa. Supposedly a good group of guys and lots of personal attention. No idea about pricing.

quoted from a different thread. Seems like a good school..
yeah, i train there. there are a few whites and blues, and one or two purple belts. the instructor is marcelo carvalho and joe moereira.
For those of you that train @ Global.. Where in the world is it located?? The address I found was 1725 Monrovia, Costa Mesa, CA! I drove around for a while looking for it and went home. The phone number was also disconnected... please advise...
2990 Grace Ln, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

new facility. rented out mat space from this gym.