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Glo-Tex will make beating Rampage look easy

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Oct 18, 2011
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I know that this is a bold statement, but given Rampage's current style of non-aggressive counter striking, his only chance of beating Glo-Tex is by KO--something Rampage hasn't done in years.

Not only is Glo-Tex hungrier and more motivated, he's the much more well-rounded fighter at this point in their careers. Additionally, boxing is Rampage's bread and butter, and over both of their last three fights, Glo-Tex has displayed much better boxing even.

For these reason, I really don't see Rampage being that stiff of a test for Glover. He really needs to fight someone in the top 5.
Glo-tex? Making up nicknames lol

But yeah I agree glover is going to wear that ass out..
Glo-Tex will make beating Rampage look easy

Does he train with Gor-tex by any chance?

This will be the first hype train to derail followed by Lombard and Weidman
I like teixeira

But shouldn't the guy get a good win before people dickride him this hard?
If a bullseye on his back, his legacy, and a hungry motivated dangerous Glover isnt enough for Rampage to train to his fullest extent and take this fight serious we can all say that Quinton " Rampage " Jackson that everyone at one point loved is long gone.

I doubt he would be beaten easily be in for a 1st rd knockout just dont know who is being laid out
depends on how he fights. if he stands and bangs, he could eat a shot.
Rampage is going to win. And then all the people bitching about Rampage making excuses will come with their own.
Lets all be honest with ourselves, glover is new and an upcoming and exciting prospect we want to win as we have all seen what rampage did against Jon jones.

Now if the rampage that was KO slamming Ricardo Arona back in pride and beating chucks ass, we might have a good fight, but realistically I think glover will outbox rampage and then take him down and submit him in the third..
Glover leaves his chin out there so bad, hes going to get ktfo highlight reel
the hell is wrong with you rampage fanboys? when was the last time rampage laid anyone out? teixera by decision
That nickname makes me want the owner of it to lose horrendously.
Glover is gonna get tooled and then i'm gonna come on sherdog make a thread and bask in the glory of it. Most of you let your hate for rampage cloud your judgement lol... This is gonna be great
the hell is wrong with you rampage fanboys? when was the last time rampage laid anyone out? teixera by decision

So because he hasn't finished in a while means he can no longer finish? A aggressive fighter like glover at that? MAKES SENSE