Gladiator Pro vs. Shockdoctor Custom


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Nov 26, 2010
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So here it is, here is my first impression review of my Gladiator Pro versus my Shockdoctor Custom. I will start by saying that I primarily do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so I do not need a mouthguard just for striking, and since the Gladiator costs only a little more than a really good boil and bite, it is well worth the investment.

I am also not sponsored by or paid to endorse Gladiators products, and to be completely honest I was very skeptical of the quality of their product because of the low cost of the mouthguards. I received a discount for this mouthguard, but after I had paid for it because I called after hours and was not able to use the coupon code, so I did it online. They then found my order, and gave me a five dollar refund, without my even mentioning it, which I thought was really cool of them.

The process in which you make the guard is nearly the same as how you make the one for the shockdoctor except with the SD one you have to bite all the way through the playdoh and with the Gladiator one you only push it onto your teeth and hold it there until it gets hard. You are given enough dough to make two molds, whereas with the SD you only get enough to make one, if you screw it up, too bad so sad.

The process was very easy for both brands to be fair and I would give them both a good score, if I were scoring this review. (which i am not)

A major plus with the Gladiator is that they send you a mold of your teeth so that you can send it in with future orders to save 50% on your purchase. I will use that for sure, now that I know how awesome their guards are and I will have the next one customized with my school logo.

The mailing process for both was easy, with the Gladiator you put it in an envelope whereas with the SD it came with a fancy box.

The turnaround time for the Gladiator was faster by a couple days. It would have been cool to get an email letting me know when it would arrive, but it is ok, I used my SD while I waited.

As you can see, the guards are about the same size, but right away you will notice a difference. I noticed it immediately after taking it from the package. the spot behind your front teeth that pushes the guard to your mouth is not there on the Gladiator. It makes it so that your guard is not so tight and you can speak almost as if you did not have one in. It also makes it so that your teeth don't feel like they will come out when taking off the guard.


Here are what the customizations look like. North Sound Brazilian Jiu Jitsu represent! The Gladiator gives you the option NOT to put words on the side, whereas the SD does not let you order it without it. The SD one says "Goonies Forever" on it. Super lame I know, but I looked over at the DVD rack next to the computer and saw the goonies there and used that.


Here you will notice that the molds on each tooth are much deeper on the SD one than the Gladiator. I prefer the deepness of the Gladiator because every time I put in the SD it makes my gums bleed.

The Gladiator has just enough material behind the front teeth to keep the guard in place, which makes it waaaaaay more comfortable in my opinion.


Here again you will notice how the SD has the part behind the front teeth
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Here you can see how crooked the front of the SD looks, the grey part makes the guard look misshapen and the little logo inside is crooked and has a large fingerprint on it from when they were making the guard. From a production standpoint, as a worker, I would not have sent this guard out like that.


Here is the Gladiator in my mouth. I do not have to open my mouth super wide to show it, and it is very comfortable. It is both soft and rigid at the same time and I get used to it being in my mouth very quickly.


Here is the SD in my mouth. I have to open my lips very wide in order to show it. It is very weird looking and crooked looking and fills the entire top part of my mouth it feels. It is very tight and secure. Not uncomfortably so, but it does take a bit of time to get used to. I had to boil some water on it to make it so that the seat for two of my molars would smooth out so that it would not pull out my crowns when i pull it off. It takes effort to remove the SD, so be aware of that. I also had to mold the sides out a little bit with the SD because it felt like it was cutting into my gums. Easy fix, just be very careful not to ruin it.


The cases for the two are completely different as well. The one for the Gladiator is just a regular case that stays closed and nice, the one for the SD is not normal at all and does not stay closed. For a guard that costs well over a hundred bucks, at least send a case that stays shut.
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So, the verdict is in!

Out of the two, I immediately choose the Gladiator simply because of the comfort level. If you are looking for a light guard that offers great protection and is easy to remove, yet stays in place, it is the right one for you. I would do striking, wrestling, hockey, jiu jitsu, pretty much any sport wearing this and feel protected and safe.

Now, the SD still will remain in my bag however. I do like how secure it is and if I do decide to do a striking art where I will be doing sparring, I will more than likely use this one.

I will use the Gladiator for the first time on Thursday at Jiu Jitsu class, and upon that usage I will be able to give a more in depth review.
Good review! Do you have price points on each? Have you used either for striking? How do you feel about the protection of each?
Good review! Do you have price points on each? Have you used either for striking? How do you feel about the protection of each?

i have only used the SD for striking and it felt pretty good. I have not used the Gladiator one yet as it arrived today.

I paid $100 for the Shockdoctor guard at but it doesn't seem that they have it anymore. I bought the guard and the Jaco cup/shorts system on that visit. A quick google search shows that the average cost for the Shockdoctor is $150

I paid $63 dollars after the $5 dollar discount for the Gladiator pro. The SD costs over twice as much.

For the money, you can buy two Gladiators and have money left over.
I really can't wait for mine to get in. beautiful review. is there anything you don't like about the gladiator? Do you think it has better breathability then SD?
It has much better breathability but wont know for sure until thursday
Great review, and having both I couldn't agree more. The shockdoctor was a huge waste of money, and it's actually found its way into the trash. I found that it was so tight that my teeth would hurt. The craftsmanship was awful and the design on the shockdoc was off center as well. I noticed fingerprints on my guard too, and they messed up and left a tiny gap between the two layers of the guard. Overall just a very bad experience that left me switching back to a boil n bite until I got my gladiator.
Seeing these reviews, keeps me on my damn feet. can't wait for mine !!
Good review and fully agreed. I love my white Gladiator Pro, very comfy and easy to breathe. Initial quality seems great too, hopefully it holds up as well over the coming months. I think it will.

Another great thing of these guards compared to Shockdoctor is they fit higher on the teeth yet do not aggravate the gums. I could see the top 1/4 of my teeth when I wore my far less comfy SD.

The 50% off deal is a great idea too, I may get an Elite just to try one out even though the size/protection combo of the Pro seems perfect for me.
Thanks for the review. Can you post a pic of how it looks with your mouth closed?

Finally got my impression kit, but the holidays have been so busy that I haven't made my mold yet. Good to hear that it was an easy process though.
Thanks for the review. Can you post a pic of how it looks with your mouth closed?

Finally got my impression kit, but the holidays have been so busy that I haven't made my mold yet. Good to hear that it was an easy process though.

without the guard in


with the guard in


i had to look in the mirror again to see what that was in my nose lol i should get some nose trimmers lol
anybody know how gladiator mouthguards compare to python mouthguards in terms of performance? I've heard they're about the same, but python being 110 dollars for the cheapest one, what do they have that gladiator don't have? except better designs
Good news. I sent my mold in on the 11th- Got there on the 18th (5 business day) I used the regular method which would normally take 1 1/2-2 weeks.
Called in today(they said they just sent it today). Mine will come in nxt friday 28th(6 business day)

The time frame is hella quick considering I live in Canada. I cant wait
I had a chance to use the gladiator and i love it. it gives good cushion for if you clench your teeth and once it's in, you pretty much forget it's in

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