Give Askren a Title shot with GSP....

Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by skylolow, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. skylolow

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    And Bellator won't match.

    Think Bjorn is being honest here???

    Or you think its just way to lower the price down at the expense of Askren??

    I'm not that sure the UFC cares much about it to treat the situation any differently. But if it did work out that way it might be a the only chance we may ever get to see GSP fight on network TV. Though the chance of the fight becoming a snoozefest is vey high. But FOX/UFC could make quite a big deal about GSP being on free TV.
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  2. dsb

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    IMO it's a shitty position for the UFC. On the one hand, they'd have Askren leap-frog every other top WW already in the UFC, which is kinda shady, even though a lot of them have already lost to GSP. I remember a lot of people going nuts when Diaz came over from Strikeforce and was supposed to get an immediate title shot.

    On the other, Bjorn gets to sit there and be all, "see I'm calling you out Dana, go ahead and prove you have the best" and if UFC decides that Askren ought to earn a UFC title shot - like anyone should have to - Bjorn will start spewing how Dana is afraid to let Ben have at GSP.

    Lose/ play by Bjorn I suppose. If he IS being dishonest, and he's just using the UFC to gauge market value for Askren before deciding to match, that would be remarkably stupid. If I were scheming Bjorn, I'd probably say something similar, and get the UFC to make an offer first, rather than make an offer to Askren, then have it get stamped as cheap by everyone.
  3. aker2703

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    brisbane australia
    Bjorn is not being honest, it's just promoter double talk to try to get one up on Dana/Zuffa

    and no. even if this fight was made, there is no way GSP fights on FREE TV. Dude is money for the UFC.

    700K ppv buys bring in serious coin.
  4. MrKilroyT

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    Nov 10, 2011
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    I would fully expect another court battle. Bjork is not being genuine.
  5. Grappleboxing

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    Aug 30, 2013
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    Normally I'd say Bjorn is lying again, but this time I believe him. Do they really want Askren blanketing the entire WW division? A division that is exciting with Lima, Saunders, Koreshkov, War Machine? I doubt they really want to keep Askren due to his style and all that nice stuff.

    Let's say Askren is released from Bellator and immediately gets a shot againt GSP and somehow wins. Bellator will seize the chance to say their champion beat the best WW in the UFC and that Bellator fighters are equal to the UFC fighters.

    If Askren is competitive with GSP, the same applies that Bellator fighters are on the same level with the top UFC fighters.

    I believe Bjorn is actually telling the truth about Askren and GSP.

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