Gian's Training Log (lardo training routine)


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Oct 22, 2004
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I'd like to note that I am a complete novice to weightlifting and to any type of physical activity. Any help is always appreciated but please keep the flaming to a minimum. You're gonna see weights in here that are really low; and in a forum full of big muscular fighters, there is a fine line between criticizm and flaming.

So here we go...

I recently bought a 100 lb weight barbell set for $29 at big five (there's a sale) and someone in the house bought a pair of 15 lb dumbells. I don't know how much the bar weights (it's a 3 piece) and I don't have a bench, so the Press day in the Pull/Press/Squat routine is mainly going to be composed to 3x8-10's of pushups and dips, but I still get to do the military presses. So this should be a good place for me to start.

I am currently attending a community college ( in Fullerton CA ) and I plan to take the fitness lab there in the spring semester in january. The class is only 13 dollars for a semester, and I'm taking half a unit, and units here are 26 dollars. Since I am not attending the gym until next spring I might as well get a head start on my working out right now.

On wensday I did a bunch of exercises with my new equipment just to see what weight I should do, and to see if my form is alright. Here's what I discovered:

Deadlifts: 75 lbs + bar, 3x8-10 - ok
-I wasn't sure if my form was right but I felt a slight tingle on my lower back (which SHOULD be my target

Bent over row: 50 + 3x8-10 - bad
-Form was bad on this one

Upright Rows: 40 + bar, 2x8-10 then the last one was 1x6 bad
-I couldn't finish. I was basically going to failure, which I shouldn't be doing since I'm a newb anyways

Good Mornings: 40 + bar 3x8-10 - badish
-Couldn't go that far with these because the bar was on the lower neck/upper back area on the bone. My form wasn't that great because I as I was reaching for a moderate stretch my knees started shaking. Oh yeah, my stabilizers are shit.

ab wheel roll outs: only 6 out of the 8-10 reps i should have done AND I wasn't going all the way down - bad

Pushups: These were alrght

Well I didn't do any squats because I didnt want to overdo my first time (in a long time anyways). I was sore all over the next day so I guess I did alright lifting. I'm following Urban's routine but tweaking it a little since I can't do any pull ups and i'm replacing saxon side bends with rope twists (a kickass oblique exercise I found on a thread here, )

Well I'm going to start eating alot and Since I'm going t olift modnay wensday friday, I'm gonna walk tuesday and thursday, and only if i have time on the weekends.
pull day today

low weight kinda high reps with slow, controlled concentric and eccntric.

Couldn't do pull ups though, or anything similar. Oh well, there's always next monday

I had eggs, beef and rice after the workout.
today was the press day

i didnt have a bench or a spotter so i had to improvise..

push ups

tate press
-I didnt have a bench so I just briged on a stool

incline push ups on a table

military press (30lbs plus bar)

and triceps extensions (15 lb dumbell)

My arms are tired. I'm about to go take a shower than eat some thai food. Later
Squat day today

great workout today. I feel great!

Bad form on the main lift, but on the box squat I did better. Only took 10 lbs off of the main lift and I felt like I could do more on the box squats.

Front squats kicked my ass.

Forgot to keep my back straight on the good mornings, so I didnt get that great of a workout. But I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Saxon side bends kicked my ass because my arms got tired. Good workout though.

Well I'm tired and hungry. Week one is done.
worked on form today.

Form on everything sucked. Lower back is killing me though. Spaghetti for breakfast/lunch.

Did sit ups instead of ab wheel roll-outs

Decent day
Lower back is killing me though

Stretch that lower back! Google search "lower back stretches" if you don't know any good ones. Trust me, once you start stretching your lower back after workouts it won't get so damn sore like that again!
Many find upright rows lead to injury. I believe Keith Wasung suggested pulling dumbells up your side to under your armpit as a replacement, kind of "monkey rows".