Gi Sizing Question


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Jan 23, 2004
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I'm guessing that I'm somewhere between an A5 and an A6.

Chest = 50"
Waist = 38

I realize that I'll need to get the pants hemmed. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Umm, sizes go by hieght and weight, not waist and chest size.

How tall and how much you wiegh determines what gi size you should get.
I see, I'm about 5'10 and go about 240, haven't weighed myself recently.
A lot depends on what make and what material you want. Manufacturers are notoriously fickle about their sizing policy. Our site has probably the best comparison sizing on the web which might be of use. Bear in mind though.... washing it will effect it. Even preshrunk will lose about 3-5%.

You can find the sizing charts at:

Hope its of some use.
The majority of BJJ Gis out there in size A4 would be your best bet . If you buy with us and it is too tight or loose , you can return.

As ron said , roy has one of the best gi reviews out there , check him out
Awesome, thank you all for the information. I get a "free" gi with my registration, so I'll roll in that for a couple of weeks and then make my purchase.

Thanks again.
I suggest before you buy call SSF he will be able to hook you up with the right fit for you. All gis are not made the same. There is a difference.