Gi Review - Datsusara HCG-03 Hemp Gi

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    For reference, I'm 5'7 and about 145lbs, wearing an A1.


    Short Review: Datsusara's follow up to the HCG-02 has a new cut (based on the OTM 420), much better fitting than the old judo-style baggy jacket. As before, the 100% hemp material feels soft and comfortable, while also staying cool due to its porous nature. The stitching issues have also been resolved, aside from one small defect on the belt loop which is probably specific to the particular gi I received. There is still a lot of initial lint-shedding, but this should reduce after repeated washing. The main drawback is that the HCG-03 has increased in price, meaning that cost is becoming an even more significant obstacle. I should note here that the HCG-04 is coming out shortly, set to land in March 2013.

    Full review, with more pics, here.

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