Getting tooled in pure boxing. help.


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EDIT: damn, delete this thread. it was foolish of me to make this. Sorry mods.
Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA all have different standup stances. I'd say fuck it if the instructor is having you do hands only... Thats kind of strange.
He even asked me

"Do you want some ketchup with that?"

i was like

"With what?"

"With all those punches your eating!"

bastard...but seriously, i have come to grips with the fact that maybe my boxing sucks. Maybe it's something i need to work on.
we do lots of hands only work, or one person can only teep other person attacks, lots of stuff where you work one skill. i wouldnt worry too much about it if your training MT and are comfortable with kicking them when they are throwing those body shots you cant defend.

im pretty sure id take a good body punch in exchange for a good solid kick or knee.

instead of trying to block everything when you use hands maybe work on your range and again... foot work. seems to be the answer for 90% of the threads in this forum :p

not getting hit is better then trying to block everything, if they are being over agressive *** and straight punches to keep them back dont let them get inside.
^ Thanks for the help bro.

I appreciate it, i really need to reevaluate my stance on this particular school.

We don't even waar headgear.