getting hamstrings into the squat


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Jun 23, 2004
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the day after i did squats, my quads primarily were very sore, and so were the glutes and inner/outer thigh muscles, but my hamstrings were not sore at all really. i heard that you should get your hamstrings into your squat since they are more important then the quad muscles. so does anyone know what i can do that will help? i tried sitting back into my squat, but a went kind of deep. do you think that could be the problem? this is bothering me because whenever i do things like RDL my hamstrings get worked really well and are sore the next day. i know that being sore doesnt mean much but like i said when i did RDL they were, and when i did squats my quads were very sore. thanks for all the help
sitting back and going deep is squatting correctly. your chest should be out over your knees at the bottom of a squat. you should be leaning over quite a bit. dont try to stay upright or you will use your quads.
my hams are always sore for days after i squat,i push hard with my heels in the bucket and drive back up,i go rock bottom and its been working my hams hard.if you aint feeling the hams from your squats cream the hams from stiff leg deads
ok, thanks for the tips. ill try it again. i never thought about keeping my chest out so ill try that
when doing a squat, try to act like you are going to sit in a chair, this works great,