getting frustrated.


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Jul 3, 2007
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Im a very technical wrestler but im having alot of trouble with strong people keeping pressure on me.

i destroy the strong kids that have no clue how to wrestle that come in from the football team but the strong kids that actually learn SOME technique destroy me. everytime we do first takedown 1 person has to go threw everyone no matter the weight class, i destroy everyone up until the kids that are 10 pounds heavier than me, i clinch up with them and they just keep pressure on my arms and push my head down and etc,

any1 know any shots/techniques to use against kids like these or should i just not clinch with them and shoot from the outside
If an oponent is a lot stronger then me I tend to shoot from the outside. But I am not an experienced wrestler...
this may not be popular but maybe lift weights and get stronger than them