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getting back into things


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Sep 16, 2002
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Ive taken alot of time off and juss recently got back into the routine of things
I injured my knuckles and gave up on combat sports for a while.I did alot of weight lifting in the time frame.
I was 165-170 before when i was only kickboxing
its been about a year later and about 208 lbs now, 5"8 short guy

Ive been working out in the morning and i take my classes in the evening
its really hard right now, but i think i can adjust. dont know if its too much for me to handle right now, am i pushingmyself too much or what, either way im gonna keep trying till i figure out what my body can handle

thanks in advance
ummm... what was your question?
from takin alot ot time off until now is working out in the morning and taking classes at night too much at the moment

and if i do weights should i only stick to lighter weights and high reps intstead of high weight and low reps
Use punctuation.

If you feel that you can't handle it, then yes, you are doing too much. It really depends on the person to how they feel about their training.

As for the weights...It depends on your goals really. Heavy weights and low reps are there to help you increase power and strength. Light weights with high reps is to help you with muscular endurace. You decide what is best for you.