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Gene Rychlak bombs at the Olympia


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Nov 28, 2004
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Has anyone else heard what happened or can confirm the news? Apparently Gene Rychlak attempted a 1015lbs bench press and tried to beat hsi own world recond and totally wrecked himself! If anyone can find pics of news to confirm this then please respond. All i have to warrent this is this little news flash on Flexonline website.

"All told, this Olympia had more than its share of trauma, drama and controversy. From the opening segment of the night show, when powerlifter Gene Rychalik took the stage to attempt to break his all-time bench press record and press 1,015 pounds, only to end up broken himself under the bar as his try went awry, it was a crazy night. "
What? I can't concentrate with that av of yours!!

Seriously though, I'm not sure if I want to see pics of this!
I too want to see more pics of his av.
Is that Brianna Banks and Krystal Steal?
i found a video of someone getting stapled by a huge bench. i dont think its gene, but it could be.
That was scary. The announcer is all like, "yeah, he's going to give it another shot here folks." I'd be surprised if he doesn't have some broken ribs at the least.
Wut isnt that Josh Koscheck and his big blond afro that flashes by, or am im starting to go blind by tirednes??
It's Josh Koscheck yes, and that benchpress looked painfull as hell!
holy crap. poor guy, he couldn't get it in front of all those people. also yup, you can see koscheck, liddel, and dana white in the crowd.
Wow, that looked extremely painful. He is lucky if he only hurt his spleen. With benching over 1000lbs he said he could feel his bones in his forearms flex. Someone is going to get seriously hurt. They should try to figure out a way to make it safer as we know the weights and equipment are going to get more insane. I heard next year he is working on program that should get him a shirt that will allow him to bench 1500lbs. J'K on the last part and I do wish Gene a quick recovery.
I love Triple H's preliminary diagnosis..."He's not in bench press mode right now" "yea, he seems to have hurt his spleen."
that was comic and tragic at the same time. i love the announcer "is he going to try again?" yeah, you dipshit. i hope genes alright. judas priest rulz.
krellik said:
Wut isnt that Josh Koscheck and his big blond afro that flashes by, or am im starting to go blind by tirednes??

yes and look closely and you'll see Chuck sitting next to him
Oh and my Av is Jenna Jameson and Krystal Steal....The full pic is SO NICE!!!
its awesome