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Sep 20, 2004
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What kind of "duffel" or gear bag to you guys use? I've pretty much trashed mine between carrying Thai pads, a gi, mma gloves, boxing gloves, some Kali sticks, ect. I thought about one of the Atama or Under armor ones but I don't know if they are big enough.

If this question has been asked I'm sorry but nothing showed up on the search function.

I like the new shop one, I may buy it...
Thats the one adino, it does look great!
I went to the local surplus store and bought a large and small heavy duty canvas one. They have both lasted for several years. I don't need anything fancy with pockets and logos. Just one for large gear and other for shower stuff and clothing. They were both super cheap too.
I use a Krugans Kimonos gi weave bag. It is pretty spacious and very light but strong. I've went through two previous nylon bags and this is lasting well so far.
Just ordered the pride FC Bag cost 55 with S&H and should be here in a week or two tops.
I got the one from Walmart for $15 and it's great lasting, but if you want something a little bit more showy then i'd get the one from riofightwear, the one made out of gi, really resistant.