Gassed at night classes...need advice.


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Mar 29, 2008
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For the first 5 months of my BJJ training I always went at night and only two times a week. I worked hard, my cardio improved, and I saw small improvements in my performance. But I would still be draggin at the 4th roll. I figured this was normal. A slow progression "fitness wise"

A few weeks ago I started going 3-4 times a week. Usually hitting a noon class once or twice a week as well. I began to notice how crappy I felt at my night classes compared to the day classes. My day classes my cardio was better and I had an all around good class.

As opposed to the night class, where by the 4th roll I was really gassing and my concentration would falter. Now I know, I am gonna be more tired etc. etc. And I am 35 years old and age can start to play a roll etc etc...

I am getting 8-10 hours of sleep and getting at least 3000 calaories of healthy, nutritious food (peanut butter, whole wheats, protein, water, vegetables, etc. etc).

Is there something I could drink an hour or so before class or eat something different for lunch or dinner to give me that extra burst so I can feel like I do during the day? All natural and healthy of course....

Anyone else notice this happen to them? If so, what do you do?

Oh and my night classes are at 8:15 PM.
All my classes are at night (from 5:30-7pm) and I eat around 3:30-4, then again after class. That way I have the fuel for class, but not so fresh that I wanna puke, lol.
Not sure I can help you but I'd like to know what others say because I am in a similar situation.
For me, I feel fine during the week, when i usually train after work and do a bit of sparring before my Muay Thai class. Then I take the Saturday morning Muay Thai class, at around 10, after a good night of sleep and I just can't move my legs after two or 3 drills....

I just went and recently bought a book called Fit To Fight by Jason Ferruggia that has great advice on diet, supplements and conditioning. He separates the training on speed, strentgh, anaerobic condition, etc.... and shows specific drills to work on them. I plan on adding a few of those drills to my training before my sparring and hopefully I won't gas so early some times...

Not sure if that's helpful at all but I'd take a look at that book, it's packed with great information. Fit to Fight: An Insanely Effective Strength and Conditioning Program for the Ultimate MMAWarrior: Jason Ferruggia: Books

Good luck!
If I eat anything big with in two hours of class I feel like shit. I try to eat about 1.5 hours before class and usually do a light healthy dish (Banana and half a sandwich or protein bar ect) . Also If I drink anything but water all day I feel heavy and gas easy. Also what time are you getting up? could it be just getting tired after a long day?
have you considered caffeine?

No, I never really consume caffeine. I am not a coffee drinker and I always felt it wasn't healthy. I have no basis for this view, I just always felt that way for no reason and I am probably wrong.
Do you guys also take yoga or pilates or tai chi classes (or on your own) as well?

I know on the days I do yoga, I can go longer in class than the days I don't.

Maybe that could help too?
have a small meal pre workout that doesnt have a ton of carbohydrates. If you have a ton of carbs just before working out your insulin will spike and you will have no energy during the workout. Personally I just have some protein, greens+, and natrol memory complex before going to nightclass (which i do four nights a week).

If you are looking for something more, check out the nootropics / pre-workout formula threads in the FAQ. There is nothing wrong with caffeine, there is a lot wrong with mountain dew, but nothing with caffeine.
You could mix a protein shake with green tea or coffee.
I am getting 8-10 hours of sleep and getting at least 3000 calaories of healthy, nutritious food (peanut butter, whole wheats, protein, water, etc. etc).