Gamboa Already Eyeing an FNF Appearance in June.....


Sherdog Writer: Joseph Myers
Jan 17, 2008
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Just saw this on FightNews. Gamboa may be on FNF in June, followed by a possible showdown with Valero. Is it me or is it too soon for him to be fighting Valero? Perhaps it's just me.....
Also, there's also some background into his trainer getting the axe.....

Gamboa to return in June!
After his impressive win over Darling Jimenez on Saturday night in Primm, Nevada, unbeaten WBA #3 Yuriorkis Gamboa (10-0, 8 KOs) is eyeing a June 27th showdown with the #2 rated Jose Cheo Rojas that would take place in Miami and be televised on ESPN2. Should Gamboa get past Rojas, a mouth watering collision with WBA champion Edwin Valero could come in short order.
In other Gamboa-related news, his manager Ahmet
Not bad for a guy with a busted hand.
I was just thinking that as I was reading it on FightNews. If his hand is messed up, he probably won't be fighting again so soon, right?
*IF* his hand is messed up.
That's an awfully big if, literally and figuratively.
Do you guys think that Cuellar can make gamboa keep his hands up?
Tall order with only 10 fights under the belt. Where the hell are they going to fight Valero? Can Edwin even fight in the states?
Tall order with only 10 fights under the belt. Where the hell are they going to fight Valero? Can Edwin even fight in the states?

I was thinking the same thing about it being a tall order for Gamboa. I just have trouble thinking Gamboa will be able to deal with Valero's power. What do you think?
Edwin fought some decent fighters like Lozada and Mosquera, but his chin is questionable. Mosquera is not exactly a wrecking ball machine, but he put Edwin on his arse. And Gamboa is going to be the most physically gifted opponent he has ever faced. Interesting fight. Someone is going to be KTFO and at this point, I am not going to bet on Gamboa to win.
Sounds like that would be one of those fights that would be exciting while it lasted.
Valero has ben in with a BUNCH of better fighters than Gamboa has and sure, Mosquera dropped Valero, but he dropped the former champ 3K a bunch of times and almost stopepd him.

Mosquera is twice the fighter Darling Jimenez is.
Hmmmmmm. Sounds like somebody is trying to rush Gamboa
Well, there's no doubt about it. Gamboa IS being rushed, but thats the way these Cuban's generally go.
He's also not known for being bashed around the head and almost put out by guys who are supposed to be feather fisted. 3K hardly has a poor chin.
Either way, Gamboa would be in extremely tough, if not over his head, against Valero.
Now training the Cuban Olympic gold medalist will be the highly respected Orlando Cuellar, best known for doing such great work with former world champion Glen Johnson.

You know I should have read that link about Yuri firing the trainer or whatever, because it seems all the information is coming out backwards. Yuri came to TR ONLY with Orlando, and with Glen Johnson and Eromosele Albert. So this decision was made before the fight, not after (if that's what the link said).

Meaning the firing had nothing to do with the RESULTS of the Jimenez fight.
Hmmmmmm. If the firing was a done deal already, that does put a new spin on things.
Mosquera is not Malignaggi, but he's not exactly the Black Acorn Destroyer. What I am saying is that Edwin doesn't have the greatest chin in the world and if Mosquera can put him down, so can Gamboa.