Social Gallup: What If There Were 42 Million at the Border?

Discussion in 'The War Room' started by thefirstemporer, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Do you have a source to back up this claim?
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    The article itself is written with the thought of an open border.
    And with an open border, how many people can we handle.

    "This suggests that open borders could potentially attract 42 million Latin Americans"
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    Then you feel MSM has been over exaggerating the whole issue these past few years?

    In the first post of yours that I quoted, you mention illegal entry by someone from this particular region just because they answered some gallup poll is silly thinking. I just want to point out that this particular region actually does have a history of doing such (including overstaying), so therefore not really that farfetched. Even if the percentage of people doing this is a small, what really matters is how much we can handle.

    Now if you dont think the current levels are news worthy, and that MSM is just stirring the pot, that is another topic altogether. The TS is presenting a hypothetical situation. For this thread, the two sides can be our current levels of enforcement is sufficient to prevent this situation from ever occurring as long as we upkeep, or levels are too low, and need to step up.
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    Specifically, 42 million said they'd move to the USA, and 5 million said they were preparing to move here in the next year.

    Why wouldn't you? 5 million respondents said they were planning to move here within a year. Do you believe they all have their citizenship docs lined up? How do you think they're going to "move" here within a year? We have no way of processing that many people in that time frame.

    More to the point of the thread, 42 million people from Latin America said they'd move to the USA if they could. In other words that mere 5 million that is planning to move here this year could be as high as 42 million if we stopped enforcing immigration laws altogether.

    Your point seems to be that just because they want to move here doesn't mean they will, or that they would do so illegally. You overlook the fact that it's effectively impossible for 5 million people to move here legally within a year, let alone 42 million. So if you take the survey respondents at their word, a minimum of 4 million people are planning to move to the USA illegally.

    It seems TS asked a perfectly fair question .
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