Gaining weight while doing MMA.


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Feb 8, 2002
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I weigh about 155 lbs right now and I'm about 5'9 tall. I know that is probably a good height and weight for fighting but I would like to put on some more muscle mass and bulk up to about 170.

Right now I train 4 classes of mma per week (2 standup and 2 ground). I can goto a fairly good gym for free too so that's not a problem.

If I just started upping my calories a lot but keeping the food healthy, would I start to pack on some bulk? I know it's a lot harder with all the cardio that mma provides but I'm willing to try.

Right now, I don't each much at all and remain around 155 lbs but I figure that I could pretty easily double my calorie intake if I wanted to.

One more thing, should I buy a weight gaining protein powder or a low carb one? I do want to gain weight but I'm trying not to get fat in the process. I know some weight gained will be fat but I want to minimize that if possible.
DesignerWhey will help you gain if you lift or train hard and drink it. Depending on how much you want to gain you can adjust your servings and size of them easily. EAS low carb drinks will help you maintain. I like the EAS low carb drinks but I don't want to gain.
I was in your situation about 8 years ago. I went to from 120 to 190 in 8 years, I'm 5-8". Here is what I did:

1. Eat a lot, about 6-7 small meals per day. Shoot for 200 grams of protein per day. Either from fish, meat, eggs, supplements chicken and milk. Don't be afraid to eat fast food.

2. Train heavy with low reps, anywhere from 6-10 reps per set. Only do compound movements, try to stay away from hammerstrength machines for now. Best exercises for strength and size are bench (incline and flat, no decline), squat, leg press, pull-ups, deadlifts, etc.

3. Get a lot of sleep, about 10 hours per day. You need to rest to recover. You grow at night when your sleeping, not in the gym.

4. Supplement. If you cannot prepare 6 meals a day, which most people cannot, use MRP's(meal replacements). Myoplex RTD (RTD=ready to drink) is good one. For protien powder try muscle milk. Also, include Creatine and Glutamine into your diet. They don't work miracles, but they do help.

Note: Don't bother trying to stay lean while bulking, it's impossible. Your gonna put on bodyfat, that's ok.
The key to bulking/gaining mass is very simple.


If you're unable to maintain caloric excess through food, try taking your calories as liquids. They're easier to go down and pack plenty of calories. Of course, make sure they're clean calories i.e. don't drink milkshakes and expect to look ripped.

I recommend protein powders with moderate carbs/sugar content. Take some before you work out, after you work out, when you wake up, before you go to sleep, between meals, when you're hungry, when you're full. You get the point.
Man, it's heard to gain weight in muscle. I've been trying for the last year but only gained 1 or 2 pounds. However, my strength increasted tremendously.

I worked out 2 times a week. 3 hours each
Run 7 miles 2 days a week.
Train 2 days a week. 4+ hours each

My diet consumes of mostly protein. Eat oeanut butter and such.
If you are gaining wieght for MMA you might want to stay away from the powerlifting stuff suggested above. Do more plyometric/olympic weight stuff. Eat and get a lot of calories in. Weight gainers/whey types of drinks will help a lot. Its hard to eat that much food when you are around 155 lbs.