Gaining Weight (muscle) vs cardio


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Sep 11, 2002
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Whats up guys, ive put on about 10 pounds of mainly muscle over the course of a few months. Ive done some light cardio, but I wanted to keep the cardio to a minimum, so I didnt burn too many calories. Now, I am trying to get back my cardio back up, but it fucking sucks! My question is, can you put on weight while maintaining great cardio. In other words, can you gain 20 pounds and have the same cardio as you had when you were 20 pounds light? or does weight gain = shittier cardio?

What do you mean by cardio? And how big are you trying to get?

Sprinting or fight cv endurance/conditioning is compatible with weight training for mass. Intervals, fartleks, sparring, etc are just fine.

Long duration cardio is not necessarily compatible if you want optimum results in one or the other. Keep in mind 'long' referes to things like >5K runs, long distance cycling (hours on a bike),...

As examples of size and 'cardio' conditioning look at the difference between a sprinter and 10K runner.
right before cardio i would drink a whey shake so when you do intense cardio your body wont go for your muscles for energy because the protein shake is in your blood stream, then drink another protein shake afterwards if you want.

also if you want to keep cardio light and you have your diet in check i would start using a supplement like sesathin.
If you want to avoid that the body starts digging after energy in fat and muscles, make sure you have some glucose running in your blood stream -- during and after a training session. Using protein as energy is not something I would recommend, since the body thinks its harder to use protein as energy. Use carbohydrates as fuel(simple ones) during training and protein for building muscles.
yes you can you will just have to eat the right foods and eat a lot of them
Do GC workouts a couple days a week to help out with your cardio. GC tends to stay away from breaking down muscle, unlike LSD workouts.

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