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    Trying To Find That Houdini Bitch
    I figured I'd drop this here for funsies because it crossed my mind many years later.

    I used to be into COD. I remember Beast (in fact, that glorious bastard and I became quite a team before he quit youtubing). Some of you may still harbor some salt, even as COD lost most of it's favor here years ago. That said, I remembered my YouTube channel from all those years ago and found one that tickled me and brought back a memory. For background:

    Playing Modern Warfare 3, I used to play with two guys who were great at the game. We used to enjoy running up massive winstreaks and took turns grabbing MOABs. Those who remember the game know a MOAB was a tough feat. 24 gun kills. Hard enough without competition, but with multiple players capable, even harder, trying to share the kills.

    One day, for my two friends and I, it all came together. 3 MOABs in a single match of Kill Confirmed. Glorious.

    The part that makes it funny for me is that about 20 second after we all three dropped our bombs back to back to back, a random dropped one as well. That made for 4 or a combined 96 player kill streak. We invited the dude to our group chat and I remember him saying that he had been trying for a MOAB all day and that in that match he couldn't find kills to save his life. He only managed to catch his last few after enemies respawned following the third. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a situation in gaming. Clip in the spoiler!


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