front squat and trap problems....

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  1. hey everyone, wondering if i can get some tips for front squat form. everytime I try to start doing front squats i develop a painful cramp in my left trap. it's just below my neck on the left side. I've tried all the different hand bar positions, but it still bothers me. if i try to lift through the pain, i end up out of action (from the gym) for 2 days.
    I've really tried to figure this out and frankly i'm at a loss. I'm also not a total rookie (i squat 250, which is not a huge amount, but it's not a little either) and my form for regular squat is good and I experience no pain from it.

    help, leg extensions and hack squat are not enough for strong quads!
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    If you want help post a video of your squats.
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    Try using straps like this:

    Front Squats & The Hise Shrug

    Weird b/c I just googled "front squats + straps" and a fuckin article by Keith was the first hit, cool!
  4. good article, I'm going to try those hise shrugs! never heard of that before! I suppose i could try straps, but the problem is in my neck.......

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