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From little seeds big trees grow

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by BigSmile, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. BigSmile Guest

    Some information about me:
    27 year
    1 meter 83 centimeter
    88 kg


    3 sets of 5 reps:

    Bench press: 85kg x5 x5 x5
    Overhead press: 15+ bar x5 x5 x5
    deadlift: 50kg x5 x5 x5
    squat: 40kg x5 x5 x5

    it's always the last set i barely make, but I always make it :)

    I want to keep a log for every time I work out @ the gym. I am training thaiboxing 3 times a week, I am not sure how I will be able to log anything about that.

    This is a good oppurtunity for me to keep track of my progress, and this is a great site to be on.
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  2. Hankhill Brown Belt

    Aug 27, 2009
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    New Jersey
    I've been benching for 3 years, first I started with the 90 pounds. Now I can bench 155 pounds.
  3. BigSmile Guest

    I never kept anything like a log, so this is a new starting point for me for sure.

    I find it weird that my deadlifts and squats are way lower then my benchpress so I really need to work hard on those
  4. Genki Pseudo Banned Banned

    Oct 25, 2010
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    5 reps? that seems low. what can you leg press?
  5. BigSmile Guest

    125 kg

    I need to get used to the movement of squating, so it will probably add up quickly
  6. JauntyAngle International man of mystery

    Dec 15, 2006
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    According to Mark Rippletoe, it is weird in that the closer the movement is to the hips, the stronger it should be, but also very common, given how squats and deadlifts are neglected and how bench-focussed everyone is.

    I'm a beginner, too, and it took me about 6 weeks on Starting Strength for my squat to overtake my bench press- happened on Friday, when I squatted 80kg compared to benching 75kg. It might have taken less, but I missed a week of training and decided to be cautious with resetting.
  7. BigSmile Guest

    I neglected the squats and deadlifts for a long time. I had the feeling I was doing enough with lunges, leg press and all other small exercises for legs and back (lat pull.. etc etc). All that did was me doing a bunch of excersises and exhausting myself because my main focus is thaiboxing. I was training 6 days a week and almost no room for recovery. Some great guys at the S&C forum helped me on the right track

    Now I just focus on the big excersises because I want the strength training to support my thai.

    Next friday is my next strength training. The rest of the week is for thaiboxing
  8. pliftkl Green Belt

    Sep 19, 2007
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    Austin, TX
    I was that way many years ago. I worked hard on my bench, and would never miss a bench workout. Other things might get cut, but I'd always get my bench workout in.

    Now that I'm old and wise(r), I really don't care much about the bench, and get religious about not missing squat and deadlift workouts.
  9. BigSmile Guest

    To me its working on my weaknesses. So yes, I am going to work very hard on my deadlift and squat

    I might hit more weight on those then bench presses at some point, for now I need to get to a point where it's equal. Cutting out the bench press entirely doesn't seem right to me. I find it even weird to do 4 excersises. I am doing the deadlift and I am thinking: But what about my upper back?

    But i made my goals different and to work towards that goal something has to set on a lower pace. Thai boxing is more important to me, so lifting weights will be put lower.

    I didn't do squating for a long time, with good reasons (injury), now I want to get it again. Once I get the form the right way, I will develop as fast as my body allows me.

    I am not going to force anything. For some might 15kg+bar with overhead presses be laughable, but aslong as I know I trained the fullest of my capability, i am cool with it

    thats why I make the title of my blog 'from little seeds big trees grow', i have to start somewhere and grow from there. The 40kg squat today is the 100kg of the future

    Since quiting is never an option for me. I can only get stronger and stronger
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  10. BigSmile Guest

    last strength training was sunday, and because I dropped so many excersises I almost wanted to do another strength training tomorrow again until I checked T-nation where Wendler had an article about his system, one thing hitted home for me and it was:
    Twice a week of lifting: Are you sure that's enough volume?

    "I think most guys — even guys with all kinds of time to train — would be better off stripping down their volume and stepping up their conditioning," says Wendler.

    "Something almost magical happens to the body when you get in great condition. You look better, feel better, and you perform better.

    This is essentially what we did when I played football and I seem to recall that everyone on the team was in shape."

    There it is. I want to believe this guy because I think what he says makes sense, and if you look (and listen) at (too) the guy, i am sure he knows what he is talking about. So tomorrow I am not going to do another strength training, i am going to wait till friday

    I have been training since sunday. Sunday strength, monday and today class. According to the people I train with I have good punching power, but they also say its all about technique so I keep focusing on that. Not going all hurricane during sparring, but work on what i 'suck' at, which is defense. My focus now is to learn to defense properly and go for the counter, right away. I have been a goalie for some time, so i really believe a strong defense leads to a strong offense. so I want to focus on the first, first

    My trainer says I am doing good and he thinks I develop quickly, which is good to hear ofcourse. tomorrow is rest day, looking forward to the 3th class and then its strength training in the weekend

    I feel like my condition is getting better and better, if I also get stronger, i think the 85 year old me really likes what I am doing right now for him. I am not going to be that old, fat guy.. period!

    Oh, and: I don't feel tired or anything, i feel great at the moment. I really think I was overdoing it. I eat more, train less at the gym but harder because i do less, and i go even harder then normal at thai because I have more energy. Loving it
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  11. BigSmile Guest

    maybe I can do some light running tomorrow? hmm
  12. MIDMOBOX Telling People things they don't want to know

    Feb 22, 2006
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    MID MO
    Welcome to the logs

    If you do want to log your MT, just put a breif description on here. You don't have to go punch by punch by knee, just Did so many rounds of whatever, might give people a better idea of everything your doing so they can give more pointed advice.
  13. BigSmile Guest

    thank you for the advice, will do
  14. BigSmile Guest

    So I went to the gym again, decided to go for once a week and do running on sunday

    Overhead press: 20kg+ bar x5 x5 x5
    deadlift: 60kg+ bar x5
    squat: 60kg x5 x5 x5

    I didn't do the bench press today, I have the feeling it does nothing for my MT and I rather concentrate on those excersises that does do something for me. As you can see, good progress with the squat...!

    I did a warm up with some running and ending the session for a 20 minute bike trip. I upped the level per 1.5 minute so yeah, good for the condition. After that I did some stuff for the abs, not because I care about the 6 pack but i just want to get stronger in that area, Didnt use a machine for it, just body movements.

    Now I am going to try to log my MT, like somebody suggested.

    First of all,


    I love it, its one of the best parts for me of training. I am becoming more concentrated, and working a lot on my defense. Not going after the guy I am sparring with and exhausting myself not being able to do another round, but it seems I am saving my energy more for the punches I do give.

    I tend to not kick to much, this is because I am trying to focus more on defense and countering and counters just seems easier with punches. I do try to kick, i just punch more.

    Now I am focusing on defense more it feels like I am getting better, I do think I need to learn how to take the initiative, but the problem I am having with this is that I tend to do it out of a 'hmm..there isnt much happening, lets do something myself' rather then a 'I see an opening, lets take it' or 'how do i get this guy to open up'. I do notice myself thinking more and more during sparing instead of just being a brawler.. I like it. It feels like chess.


    I forget stuf. Then I finally remember to use my shoulder and hip to make a punch, but then i forget how to defense a high kick. I think this is just a matter of drilling so I am not to worried about it.

    We have a great coach and he tells me he sees a lot of improvement from the first lesson I went in. I asked him about it. He did give me the advice to take things slowly to give everything time to develop, and i am suprised how he sees that without talking with me that much

    This log is more for me to keep track of my progress, but if you have any advice for me that might help me, feel free to add something ofcourse!

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