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Free Grappling Training in New York City


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Nov 18, 2003
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If you wish to train grappling or wrestling for free, please join us at the Hamilton Fish Center on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 7 and 9 PM. The place is owned by the city of New York, so there is no fee of any kind (just bring a photo ID). There are no instructors but a bunch of nice and moderately good people who roll and give feedback to each other. Any experience level is welcome. We have pure wrestler, jiu-jitsu guys, catch wrestlers and more. If you live in New York, all you can lose by giving it a shot is the $4 in Subway fare you would pay to get to the place and back home.


If link won't work:

Borough: Manhattan

If interested pls bump this thread up occasionally and forward to others.

Thanks a lot
Weonlywonsixtwo said:
Sounds awsome,but I got BJJ classes then and BJJ instuctions> rolling.

You gotta be able to use the techniques though...
How many people?
Depends on the day, but there is always enough guys to give you a good workout (unless you are like a brown belt in BJJ, than you may not be able to find enough guys who are at your level). Sometimes it is 5 BJJ guys plus 5-10 wrestlers, sometimes it is like 8-10 BJJ guys plus the wrestlers. The wrestling guys are always there, the number of bjj people varies...

I wish there was a place like that in MA. I'd be there in a heartbeat.
this is sweet,
you seem very polite
definitely worth to check it out!!!
bumping this up to the top one last time before today's training at 7 PM.

Hope to see you all there

the only problem, with a lot of wrestlers,
I'm wondering if you guys spar too RoUGH!!!

thats awsome, im in Cali so no-can-do but it sounds awsome. There is always something to learn from someone else. For free? hell of a deal, thanks for spreading the word even though i wont be able to make it.
We have multi-school free trains like that. Guys get quite creative and try to do their best to implement the new unique stuff they learn from the others in the group. It's always awesome to apply a sub that a guy from the group (from another school) taught you and see him so proud that you actually absored something from him.

EDIT: This is in Hawai'i. Not where I am now. (although I'm trying to set it up here - hard to do with the skeds)

OK Guys, hope to see some of you there this Tuesday...

We are getting together tomorrow at 7 PM. Hope to see some of you there...
Just wantto bumb this, I hope to check it out mayb after new years. If anyone has been there and trained share your experiace with this place
Wow, sounds great. I just moved to NYC, so I'd love to meet up with you guys. I'm pretty inexperienced though so I hope that's cool with everyone there.

Do you guys do more formal stuff, or is it more loosely run.