Freddie Roach "Pacquiao vs Guerrero would be a good fight"


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Mar 11, 2010
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This was before the Pac Ko but, I think Robert would be a good opponent for manny to get his confidence back. Guerrero would keep coming forward and would take a lot of shots. Though that is if Manny will be 100% mentally. After getting KO'd like that, you never know.
Of course this would be a great fight. You have two all action fighters who will go nonstop for 12 full rounds. Pac gets a UD in this one. Guererro won't be able to smother and maul Manny, and would get eaten up from the outside. But the Ghost never stops coming, and I think he would put a lot of pressure on Pac. It would definitely be a test of everything Manny has left.
Pretty easy fight for Pacquiao. Would be a solid tune up if Guererro doesn't end up fighting Floyd.
Guerrero would try to box and may have some success but if Pacquiao has even a fraction of his old gas tank left, I think Guerrero gets overwhelmed.
Its not like PAc really looked shot in the Marquez fight or anything.
I just dont see Ghost as that good of a fighter. I don't think beating Berto proved anything other than he is tough.