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Frank's training agenda

Goals for this stage

Lose 20Lb or at least look like it if I end up gaining muscle mass faster than I expect

Bench 250 (my weak suit historically)

Squat 400

Dead Lift 500

All of these seam achievable before Christmas or shortly after
Now for the Plan:


Although I have always been natural muscular my metabolism is absolutely pathetic (even my little brother who is exceptionally active suffers from this). Some of this will hopefully be helped with larger amounts of lean muscle mass and past that I will just have to learn to deal with it.

1: get back to eating breakfast. Even though I am rarely hungry in the AM as I understand it this helps upstart the body for the day and Breakfast will be even more important as I get into the power lifting stages

2: attempt to eliminate simple carbs (not all just the simple carbs) and sugars. I have started this and the hardest part is giving up the occasional ice cream. The Dr. Pepper was much easier to give up than I expected

3: Increase protean consumption. This will be scaled in as needed


Monday: BJJ

Short jog with the Dogs
Dead lift (might have to go light on this with BJJ on Wednesday. So I am open to suggestions to attempt to clear that conflict as this is my favorite lift)
Saxon side bends
Shrugs (or some suitable non-isolation for this group)

Wednesday: BJJ

Thursday: slightly longer jog

Friday or Saturday:
Calf Raises
Incline Bench
Some Tricep isolation since this is my weak spot on my weak lift.

Potential Issues I see.
1) Not enough time between Lift days for my legs to recover. The BJJ and jogging should help with this but possibly I need to move these workouts to a rolling five day break in between?

2) Getting enough protean to not hamper muscle regeneration without screwing up my weight loss goal.
Well a month after this post i have made some improvements in my life and am starting on the path to these goals. I have lost 10 LB and am able to get through BJJ workout without being absolutly dead at the end.
Some of this is due to usin less strength and more technique while rolling but a substantial part is also being in slightly better shape now.

I finaly got around to purchasing a Power Rack and 390LB of weights plus the 150 or so standard weights.

This is the one I purchased
http://www.newyorkbarbells.com/92563gra.html Should be good for letting me work out alone when needed

I have also made improvements on my diet that deffenantly needed some serious work. I have stoped drinking carbinated beverages with the exception of a few beers once in a while and have moved away from almost all fast foods but sometimes still do eat Chick-Filet that is still fryed but has to be better than any of the alternitives when I am not at home to make something better.

On reevaluating my goals I belive i need to get to 220-230 and might take longer thanorriginaly intended to reach my weight goals since it took longer than i thought to get into this house.
Well I am still at 250lb but have increased muscle mass so although the past few weeks have made no progress on the weight I can feel good about it somewhat.
I have started going to BJJ monday, wednseday and Thursday with the M-W class more cardio focused with no rest between rounds running at the end ect and the thursday class at a local club that is more poer oriented with 100lb ball work and kettle bells for warm ups.

In addition I have started a ight routie for weights with bench on monday after class and Squat/Deadlift rotating eery other week after thursday class. with SL Deadlift in the week whereever i can fit it in. This is not nearly as much weight work as i woud like but I am not to fit in both squat and Deadlift every week since my legs would just be too sore for my BJJ classes.

Diet - Am continuing to eat at least a small breakfast and this does seem to help start the metaolism. 3-4 days a week lunch is replaced with a few chips and a protein shake (need something solid thus the chips am looking for a better option posibly start bringing some nuts to school for that)
on the junk food I am doing well over all but trying to break the habit of my wife making cookies when we watch UFC/Pride. (well get rid of it for the TUF and Live fight nights at least when we watch those : P)
proteen consumption

Remember whatever the most nutreint your taking in the most will be used as energy. If you eat more protein then anything else, then less will be used for muscle growth..

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