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Frank Shamrock RNC setups

Ahh, classic Catch-as-catch-can.

#1 Could that guy be any more built? I mean seriously...

#2 Notice he has that George W. Bush smile, laugh, proud of himself, head nodding thing going on when he speaks.
Uhmmm, those are some VERY VERY basic setups, if you didn't know 90% of those you go to a McDojo for sure...
i cant help but remember his fight with Renzo after seeing this video.
would love to see some grappling videos/comps from Frank. His match with hendo was pretty awesome.
Heh heh. Don't forget covering the mouth/nose, too. Penn likes that one.
I know them but I don't think I'd do it in training.
Plus it seems to me Marcelo Garcia gets RNCs without resorting to nasty tricks like that.
I went to a Frank Shamrock seminar a few years back. He is a great teacher..his style is obviously a little different than most bjj..I have always wanted to see him roll with some high level bjj guys for entertainment purposes.
Another good vid that helped me finish the RNC

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why does he have the homo flag behind him?
i'd like to see that eye-hooking trick goes did on him.

that would make a great trendy bjj t-shirt slogan "clear your neck or lose your eye"
other than the eye fish hook i was taught everything that frank teaches... but then again my first bjj/mma instructor was a carlson sr guy....

That's because Maeda, who taught the Graci's was a catch guy and a Japanese Jiu Jitsu guy. The Gracie's in turn taught your instructor and now you know some catch wrestling.
Tons of BJJ is catch wrestling even though most BJJ people don't know it or hate to admit it for some reason.:icon_twis
Uhmmm, those are some VERY VERY basic setups, if you didn't know 90% of those you go to a McDojo for sure...

I agree. Many of techniques can easily be adapted to and are used so much that people just natually have adapted to their use. My favorite rear naked choke set up was the one that BJ Penn used when he choked out Jens Pulver. He works his body side to side until he can actually trap one of Jens arms off with his legs. Then it becomes easy and not a matter a strength to sink the choke in and it will be very difficult for him to defend.