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**Forrest/Tito III**


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Jun 26, 2012
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Who did you score the fight for?



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I remember thinking Tito won at the time. I never rewatched the fight though.
I just laugh at anyone who would call that fight a robbery.
I had Forrest winning pretty soundly. After the fight I wasn't second guessing who might have won, I was like ya Forrest won that.
When I was watching it as it was happening, I thought Tito won. But I think that may have been a mixture of the fact it was his last fight and I wanted a guy like Tito to go out on a W.. But after rewatching a few more times since then, I think Forrest took it. It could have very well been a draw too.
Personally, I gave it to Tito. I thought Tito did the most damage, the td's and G'n'P won him round 1 and the knockdowns and td's won him round 3.

If the fight were scored via the old PRIDE criteria I think it's a pretty straightforward call; however, w/ the 10 pms in effect and rbr scoring, I can see a case for Forrest being made.

But honestly, both fighters looked abysmal. Tito was moving like he was stuck in mud and Forest looked older than ever.
Tito won round 1, forrest had 2 and wouldve had 3 until tito dropped him.
Forrest but I would rather have be a draw since they were both equally bad in that fight
Close but I gave it to tito he won the first with the tsjedown and ground and pound. Forrest got the second but tito got the third with the takedown and knocking Forrest down twice. I don't understand how the judges scored it but it was def close. Forrest obviously thought he lost to because once again he started to run out the cage like he does.
Hard to remember but I am pretty sure I gave it to Forrest Griffin.
Forrest won. Tito was losing the 3rd decisively until a TD and you could see Forrest be like "fuck, here goes the W".
Wow you really get your money out of your account by starting all these polls.
29-28 Forrest imo

Forrest fairly easily neutralized Tito when each time Tito took him down. Forrest significantly outlanded him and at multiple points Tito took dozens of unanswered shots while just coming forward with a high guard.

That said Tito had a good length of top control in more than one round and he did have a couple of knockdowns. Fight wasn't a blowout but I thought(and still do) that it was a clearcut 2-1 round decision. I could see how the judges could have given it to Tito with how enamored they are with TDs and how knockdowns sway them.

That said, I liked the fight and was thankful for it because that card really wasn't delivering before that.