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May 16, 2003
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The following are topics that will be closed or deleted on sight. They either have nothing to do with the goals of the forum, never go anywhere (and as a result annoy the shit out of the mods), or have been done already ad nausea.

If it's blatantly obvious you did not consult the stickies - Before starting a thread... if you post a routine without checkin the new member resources (specifically carnal's treatise on lifting) your thread will be closed with extreme prejudice. It's not required that you memorize everything in the stickies, only that you made an attempt to edcuate yourself before asking for the aid of others. I also like to plug my web page, but if you're going to read anything, read what Carnal wrote.

Shirted/suited lifts vs. Raw Lifting - This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Bitching on an internet forum will not get powerlifting feds to change their ways. In the end, if you're not a competitive lifter it's not your concern is it?

Getting a six pack - this is not a bodybuilding forum. The visibility of your abs has no bearing on how well you perform.

Bigger bicep or other body part threads - these threads are typically strictly for vanity, and in case you haven't caught on, that's not what this forum is about. Furthermore strength training is about training movements more so than it is about training specific muscles which makes isolation exercises inefficient for athletic supplementation.

Am I strong [for my size] [for my age] [etc.] - yes... no... maybe. Seeking approval and credential by some trivial standard of strength is futile. Are you succeeding in your sport? Are you making good gains? These are the questions you should ask yourself, not whether or not other people think you're strong.

"How do I get a body like [insert name here]" type threads - again this is not a bodybuilding forum, and if you name a fighter you're twice as dumb. Fighters train to fight, not to get their body to look a certain way, want a fighter's physique? Train for performance and cut to make weight.

"How does [insert fighter] train" type threads - Forbidden for three reasons: 1) Many fighters succeed in spite of their training not because of it. 2) An elite fighter's routine will differ on a fundamental level from yours because of experience. 3) Even if the fighter is at your level of lifting experience, and age, and skill, there are still many other factors that would make your routine different (personal weaknesses, muscle imbalances, periodization etc.)

Discussions on Matt Furery or other blowhards - If you believe that high rep endurance is the key to success in fighting, what are you doing in a strength and power forum? Use the search function to see if your particular scam artist has been discussed already.

Any thread selling the starter's goods and/or Services - you need to pay to advertise on sherdog. So if you're a personal trainer or if you're offering internet correspondence training, or you have the secret enema formula that will triple your deadlift: if it aint free, you can't start a thread trying to sell it.

Injury threads - if you are asking for diagnosis first fill out this questionaire: Have you gone to see a doctor? If not, do it. Are you following his advice? If not, do it. Can you do the exercise lighter without pain? if so, do it. if not, don't do the exercise. In short, don't do any exercise that causes sharp pain in your joints (not to be confused feeling the burn, which is muscular), and see a doctor about any inhibiting injury.
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