For the guys not drinking h2o during your workout, lets see your recipes!


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Mar 24, 2008
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Curious to see some tried and true homemade workout drinks, that you drink during a grappling or workout session. Soemthign along the line of Berardi's thinking would be awesome.

ty in advance
If I'm not drinking water, I'm just drinking iced green or iced white tea with lemon.

But I've been thinking of switching to something more in line Berardi's PN way of thinking.

Something like white tea or gatorade or vitamin water as a base, with a half serving of whey, some creatine, maybe some BCAAs, and a tsp. of greens powder.

Why greens powder? "If there's protein on the plate, there has to be veggies" (from Berardi's most recent article).
Gatorade or Cytomax with about 15g vanilla protein, BCAAs, creatine, and taurine when I'm feeling motivated to mix something up. Usually just water though.

Interesting about greens...maybe add that and some flax.