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foot injury


Jul 24, 2005
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I have some pain in my foot and i have no idea where it came from. I was running on a treadmill and when i got off and cooled off my foot hurt when i put weight on it.

I can push all over my foot with my hands and no pain, no swelling.. But if im standing on it for a little bit or walking around i get this pain on the outside of my foot that is so painfull... but no pain when i touch or massage it with my hands.

the back middle, of the foot.

Friends and family think it is a bruised bone?

Should i just go to the doctor, or let it try to heal.

I dont think any muscle is torn, or bone broken, I didnt do anything to mess it up. Plus the major fact that pusshing all over my foot causes no pain what so ever... only when i stand and walk with my heal touching the ground.
Sounds like a soft tissue injury perhaps a ligament in yor ankle or a tendon in yor soleus muscle?
could be anything up to a stress fracture. hard to get a good idea online.