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foot injury!!!!! help!

Michael Wanaka

Amateur Fighter
Aug 27, 2003
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Here's the scoop:

A couple months ago a spinning back kick of mine was blocked by my opponent lifting his knee. I hit his knee with the blade of my foot. Ever since then I have had a little lump ont he blade of my foot where I hit his knee. It fuckin hurts! If i press down hard on it, it hurts, and if I run my foot against something that rubs against the lump it hurts. I think I'm going to go to a doctor soon. Anyone know what this could be? I thought it would have gone away by now.
feedback said:
Could be a bone fragment

That would suck, but i doubt it. It was swollen immediately after the injury, it's just that it hasn't receeded.
inflammation is just the body's 1st response to injury, it doesn't mean anything specificly.
i broke that part of my foot once.... its where you 5th metatarcal joins other bones i think? (might be called something different?) but anyway it hurts and it takes a long time to heel. go to a doctor and see because i was told i crushed my growth plate as well and that can be seriouse if your not dome growing. i was like 13 when i did it so they had to fix me good.

but go to a doctor and check it out immeiately.
Recoil is totally right. The other metatarsals are backed up by the large, solid tarsal bones and are tougher. The pinky toe's metatersal kind sits off by itself. I'd bet money you broke it. I work in the ER and see it a lot from snowboarding, skateboarding, and stuff. Get it checked.