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foot/ankle pain in closed guard


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Mar 9, 2005
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When I close my guard and am trying hard to keep it closed it starts to seriously hurt the top of my foot- almost going onto the ankle. I am referring to the top of the foot that goes behind the other foot or ankle to close the guard.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a remedy for it? It's almost like the foot is being strained or stretched too far.

Yea, it probably got overextended because you tried too hard to keep your guard closed like a white belt noob that has no open guard. Remedy is ice, ibuprofen, and rest.
Not a very helpful response at all. (BTW- I bet you're an ADCC champ)

In ALL your extensive training have you never drilled from the closed guard where your only job is to keep the guard closed? No sweeps, no open guard, no submissions- just closed guard? We do. So the smart ass answer was not helpful- nor was the ice/ibuprofen- I know how to address it once it has happened- preventing it is what's needed.
Switch feet?

After a while it takes longer to start hurting.
Foot conditioning?

If I ever have guard on someone who is really fighting and it does start to hurt my feet I either A) switch feet around, or B) break their posture so they aren't putting pressure on opening my guard so much (which is what you should be doing anyway right? being active)