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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by Brandon K. Swanson, Jun 6, 2018.

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    I was wondering whether I should buy a foam roller or not. For the last months, I've been using a tennis ball to relieve muscle tension (mainly in my chest, legs, and ass). It's good, but I don't think it hits the back so well. I have poor posture and lots of tensions, hence I thought of buying a Roller. I've looked at the blue one which is hard, but not as hard as the black one, which would probably be too much.
    Here is some Best Foam roller: Best Foam Rollers

    Does anyone here have any experience with foam rollers, and does it matter if I buy a small thick one or large thin?
    Thanks In Advance
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    I have a Trigger Point the grind, personally I think you need one that is not too soft so that it works properly
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    all of those are good foam rollers. foam rollers kick ass, great warming up and stretching and massaging tool. Rub injuries away quickly with it. Anyways yeah all those foam rollers are good. I would recommend just going to walmart and getting yourself a cheapy one to start with. From there you can get one more specialized for you. The standard foam ones get soft and wear out after a while. If your going to get a standard one, get a black foam one. Those are nice. Or you could get one that is solid pvc with a soft covering like the ones in your link. I have used all 3. if i could only get 1, i would get the solid black foam one.
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    Follow Shincheckin's advice and get a cheap one, that's really all you need. When foam rolling, it's important to SLOWLY roll on the body part you're working. For example, if rolling your IT bands, I like to hold it in one position and wait for the "pain" to dissipate before rolling down further until i feel "pain" again.

    Using this method has given me greater relief than the regular method of just rolling up and down several times.
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