Floyd mayweather sr watching his sparring fight against Charlie

Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by Frode Falch, Aug 6, 2018.

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    short hills nj
    Charlie zelenoff just wants attention from the fans of boxing and YouTube, he'll only fight someone who he thinks will give him the most views in a video, anybody can beat him though.

    Sometimes I feel like going on his Twitter or something and just harassing him and challenging him to a boxing match (but I would cheat by slamming him and elbowing him in their, I have honor to an extent but I would really love to elbow the shot out of someone and knock them out)

    Plus everybody knows how to beat him, he throws wild straights, comes in swinging, no footwork, no technicality, chin up. Their is no possible way he can beat anyone who knows what their doing.

    Hell I even know a 15 year old (he was 13 when I met him) that can take him down or judo flip the shit out of him and just break his shit, plus he does that to adults too because when he was in the adults class he would tap out all the white belt adults one by one. He was a bjj judo and wrestling beast.
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    That video was funny, with Jeff telling him he got his ass whooped Floyd was getting hyped.

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