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Floyd Mayweather ducks Pacquiao.

Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by Black Gi, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Since Manny Pacquiao has refused standard Olympic testing he has been a suspected PED user.

    The fans (dare I say the boxing world) want Manny to clear the doubt that has arisen due to his reluctance to submit to the same type of test that Mosley submitted to.

    There have been news stories galore questioning whether Manny is a P.E.D user or not.

    Therefore the Maywether camp want Manny to take the standard Olympic test because they clearly suspect Manny as a P.E.D. user.

    Below you will find just a small sample of links of professionals and laymen with strong suspicions of Manny and his suspected usage of P.E.D.

    Also there is a very famous you tube video (Taken down now) of Teddy Atlas speaking of Pacquio getting stronger and faster in his 30's at an age when other boxers are slowing down.

    Much like in the first link. So yes he is clearly suspected of PED use, not fighter bashing, just fact.


    SecondsOut Boxing News - Thomas Hauser - Mayweather-Pacquiao, PEDs, and Boxing

    By Thomas Hauser

    Two days before Manny Pacquiao fought Miguel Cotto, I talked with Alex Ariza, who has been Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach since early 2008. When I asked what it was like to work with an athlete of Manny’s caliber, Ariza shook his head in wonder.

    “It’s an extraordinary experience,” he said. “Athletes start to backslide around age twenty-eight if they haven’t started to decline before then. Manny is thirty and he’s getting better. Our records don’t lie. Not only is he getting stronger; he’s actually getting faster as he moves up in weight. I’ve worked with some great athletes, but I’ve never worked with an athlete like Manny.”

    “But there’s one thing that’s very frustrating for me,” Ariza added. “Manny won’t let me do all the tests I want to do with him. There are tests I’d love to do to determine his lung capacity, but they’re invasive and he won’t let me do them. And there are other measurements, quite a few, that I’d like to take, but I can’t because Manny is very protective of his body.”

    People will read what they want to into Ariza’s comments. Those who supported Floyd Mayweather Jr in the debacle that saw Mayweather-Pacquiao go from superfight to superflop will say that Pacquiao is able to defy the laws of nature because he’s using performance enhancing drugs.

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