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Fist / Wrist Injury Question




Usually I am fine when I do heavy bags etc, but this weekend I got into a drunken fight, and my fist is in really bad shape (this isn't the first time i've broken them, but this time I at least didn't roll my wrist).

But I wanted to know how people usually mend broken knuckles? in the past i've just ice'd and heated them.

Anything else I should do?
Would seeing a doctor and getting a splint to immobilize it be outta the question?
#1can said:
Would seeing a doctor and getting a splint to immobilize it be outta the question?

I have it splinted, as the docs would. (with the pinky and secondary finger splinted also), possible that the pinky is broken.

As for going to the doc's I woudl rather not, because I went about a year ago for something similar. I can move pinky + second finger, with only pain in the knuckle area. 3rd finger can move without pain bruise on the palm about size of about 2/3 quarters and noticable swelling on the top part.

Any recommended HOME remedy?
I've broken my wrist before and would have to say that if I didn't go to the doc...I wouldn't have full mobility in my hand. I also had a good friend that broke his knuckles in a fight. He didn't go to the dr. right away. If he did it would have been a simple matter of setting the bone. It got to the point where he was no longer able to make a fist and he had to have surgery to rebrake the bones and have them reset...he now has a huge scar on the back of his hand. All in all, it took him about a year to heal his hand.
In all seriousness, GO TO A DOCTOR. There can be far more damage than you know. I would recommend hand wraps at all times. Stay away from street fights:) start building your forarms, but most of all, get some good solid training, most wrist injuries from punching occure from bad form.
Play it safe and go to a doctor. I broke my hand (also in a drunken fight) and didnt get it fixed and it still hurts from time to time.