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First World Problems


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Jul 28, 2007
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These are 2 stage memes from the internet. The first stage presents a scenario. The second stage presents the problem. Try to follow the format.
Use real life examples, not some garbage you pulled off the internet.

Got home from a theme park... too tired to take a shower.
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See an 18yo - moral compass decides 'too young'
My 50" HDTV occasionally upscales when I change the channel, without my permission!
Not enough Tvs/computers to watch all the football games I want to watch.
no internet connection

too much milk in one's latte

line at starbucks too long

tired of eating at the same place
Someone vaguely insulted me on the internet. Gets in three hour argument with them.
the wire from my electric blanket keeps touching my leg lol.
Shower water takes too long to get warm.

I ate too much and now I have a tummy ache.
Remakes are ruining my childhood. Kill the cast and crew and burn down the studio.
I don't know where I want to attend grad school at.

I only have an iPhone 4.
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I lost all of my vcash because of a bad stoppage.
Power door locks stopped working up front in my car, now I have to use the key to open the driver door, then reach over to open the passenger door, instead of using just the remote.
i ate so much on christmas that i puked
Makes a good post. Someone beat me to it.

The weblink was iffy, I didnt want to get infracted or double yellows. I'll try to find another Skeptical African kid meme pic.