First time kicking today...ouch


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Aug 26, 2007
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Christ I can barely walk right now. Being a wrestler and having no striking stand up game yet, since I was the only guy who showed up to train tonight my coach decided to bust my ass teaching me how to kick. Even kicking the heavy bag after about 20 minutes I had a nice golf ball sized lump on my shin. I need to be like Tong Po or something.....should I keep kicking the bag everyday? I mean I know I should do it a lot to condition my shins for fighting, but what is the normal time frame to give adequate rest and optimal numbing of shin bone and skin area? lol.
Just keep kicking that bag, your shins will be well conditioned soon enough.
If your going through hell right now, keep going!!!

Kick the shit outta those pads, murder that bag, best feeling in the world.
give it a bit of a break. go again when it feels right. but you should continuely decrease the amount of time (maybe a day or 2 when you first start) that you let your shins rest after a session.

within a month, you should be able to kick a heavy bag without feeling a single thing, therefore you could go all day without rest.
woah i just became a yellow belt after that great advice......fuck i hope this doesnt make me a nerd now
Your shins toughen up pretty quickly, mine have now started and I dont spend too much time kicking.
AS Monstrosity already said, give it a break.
If it hurts that much you wont be able to kick it for now anyway.
just keep on kicking it when you can and soon enough you will be able to do it everyday.
I work them so much I no longer have hair on my shins, looks like I shave them.
Very important to use the correct teqnique also.
for some reason I experienced this after 1 1/2 months on training. now im taking a week off as asdvised by my trainer.
kick a tree