First ****tarsal stress fracture

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Apr 15, 2007
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For the last two weeks, I have had a pain in the first ****tarsal of my left foot whenever I bend it - ie. whenever I do deep squats. I suspect a stress facture, since the X-rays show nothing. Anybody had experience with such a wound? I'm wondering how long I should stop training squats and deadlift... this sucks!
Besides Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation; this board holds nothing to the advice of a doctor.
metatarsal and if you got an xray then you went to a doctor. Do what the Dr. told you or if you didn't ask him about lifting then call his office and ask.
Well the doctor basically says that maybe it's stress facture, but maybe not... I think he don't really know nor care (he's a military medic, maybe that's why ^^). Anyway, he says I should stop all training for 3 months, which seems really too much to me... so I'm just asking if anybody has had any experience with this. I will anyway ask another physician, specialized in sports.
Another thing, you say stress fracture. It isn't neccesarily a stress fracture or any fracture because you had a negative xray. A small hairline fracture could be present and not show up regardless of cause. Soft tissue and tendon injury on the foot hurts like hell because you get lots of bloodflow and pressure to the foot. Did you assume you had a fracture on your own or did a Dr. diagnose this?

In short........saw your foot off. Peg legs are cool!
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