First sparring session...


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Dec 31, 2006
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So I had my first real sparring session today. Yesterday I had a light light session with a noob but it was mostly me showing him techniques and letting him throw punches at me while I countered at about 10%. Usually when I mess around like this (also did alot of backyard boxing in hs...I know stupid) I'm really comfortable dancing around and blocking punches fairly easily. First thing I noticed today I had my hands up but I didnt feel like I utilized them very good as a guard, I relied more on movement and keeping my partner away with my reach.

For my first sparring session I guess I did great, I landed a ton of kicks and a few good shots, while keeping the center of the ring and avoiding taking very many hits at all from my partner. Everyone afterwords said I looked very relaxed and composed. However I did not exactly feel this way lol. One of the things I had trouble with was when I got rushed I would get a bit nervous and didnt feel as composed. I would usually back up, circle, block a few shots, and then move inside for the clinch until I could push him off me and work my range with kicks. Wasn't necessarily bad but I just felt had we been going 100% instead of 40% it could have been alot worse for me. Then again those kicks would have been alot worse for him so its a moot point. I have realized after reading this thread that I fight the exact same way.

What is the best way to get over this? Its not that I have a problem with getting hit, its more that I don't like getting rushed and bullied. I like to keep my range and circle. Did I do the right thing or should I have thrown more strikes while he was coming at me because he was kind of open?
a sharpe jab will usualy reset them if there rushing you. I like to teep because i can generate a lot more power and have a longer range. Maybe work into a clinch like you did, and circling will help. If he isnt landing much on you, instead of backing off just answer back with your own, from the sounds of it he was only comming at you hard and pushing you back because you guys were sparing light. im sure if you had some "pep" on your kicks and punches he would rethink rushing in unless hes landing something he thinks is working on you.
yeah I found it really odd he was only going for my head. I am pretty frustrating to try to hit in the face, and I could tell he was getting frustrated cause every time I would land a kick he would grunt and then rush in at me with punches. He threw maybe 5 kicks which 2 landed and I checked the rest. He wasn't trying to work the body at all either. Even though he had sparred a couple times before and was bigger than me I think he's still a bit less experienced and might have just spazzed out a little and lost his composure. I know the kicks were really throwing him off :icon_chee.