first muay thai class



this has prolly been done a thousand times but just let it be one more

honestly, what should i expect, will i be thrown right in, or will i be taken aside and taught basic technique? how physically demanding will it be, no so much strength wise( i know it will be very difficult), but cardio wise?

also, i need to develop some flexibility, and i have heard to develop flexibility you need to stretch after a hard leg workout, is this true?

if you guys could answer this i would be very grateful
my first class they stretched me out and walked me through the 1 hour routine. you should be fine. expect to gas on any kicks that is normal. remember also the first part is all body hardening so take off your shoes and kick as hard as you can it will benefit you later.
im in a muay thai class for almost a year

honestly first day i was kinda disapointed he prob wont go over technique

we just ran and shit then he told everyone to find a bag and wat combos to do on it

only problem is i didnt know how to throw the punches/ kicks ect.

that being said everytime we get enough new guys he goes over technique in front of the whole

class like pivoting and all that kinda shit

and cardio is waaay more emphasized then strength training at least here
I think it all depends on the school you go to, so no one can truly tell you what to expect. Unlike Chimpy Bob's school, my school doesn't do enough cardio IMO but we REALLY focus on technique.
The first day I barfed, but I learned a lot. First exhale with any attack especially a kick. Burpees aren't that bad after doing them for two days. Don't go back to class until everything dosen't hurt(its a good hurt afterwards). Its your first day your body needs to get used to it. I go six days now with no ill effects.

You will go in nervous possibly scared and leave satisfied. Remember its not nearly as bad as your mind makes it out to be.

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I agree with mvisit. all will depend on the school your going to. mine had me just practicing basic stance technique, foot positioning and throwing a 1,2 punch. best advice is try to relax your body and don't worry about the other guys in the class. being all tense will wear you out. been training about 5 months now.
I remember being real nervous, esp. the first class or two. I havent been "the new guy" in anything for a while, so it felt odd. Lots of conditioning at first, butterflies and nausea. But very satisfying at the end. the physical exertion was magnified by the nerves.

whoever said dont go back until the hurt goes away is right. technique and form is critical, and its hard to do that when u r in pain. your body will get used to it and soon u will be ablle to go as much as you want. good luck!
It will depend on the school. I think a good intro would be to the footwork and then to some the basic punching mechanics. Hopefully, it is fun.
jab, jab, jab
cross, cross, cross
jab, cross, kick

stop lowering your hands

jab, cross, kick
I'd suggest getting familiar with a jump rope. Try to jump for 2 or 3 3 min rounds. Other than that don't worry about anything else, you will learn and your body will adapt. The best thing to do is just get in there, check your ego at the door, and soak up as much as you can. Form and technique will come in time.
It depends on how many people are there.

Either way, introduce yourself to the trainer and enjoy yourself. If they dont treat you good, find another gym.
Only been at MT for about 3 months, but my first day wasn't so bad. I was already in good shape so the conditioning at the beginning wasn't so bad. But the stretches and kicks really caused a problem with my calf muscles. Could barely walk the next day.

Technique and form is essential. Mine is still shit so I'm still like a newb. The shin conditioning is hell. Some heavy bruises on my shins. Usually stay back after class on Tuesdays and completely assault the heavy bags. Then by the next Tuesday my shins are bruise free and ready for more
It all depends on what school you go to. But if it is a legit gym then you will go over, footwork, hand placement, and probably the jab and cross. Also be prepared for some conditioning.