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Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by Muay_Thai_Del, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Hi All, I had my first MMA session about 2 weeks ago,(have had to have a break as i somehow managed to break my finger in training) and i loved every second.

    It was a completly different kind of work out to training muay thai. One thing that i found a little strange was that we were training escapes from full guard my jaw ached soooo much, i don't know if this was beacuse my chin was down close to my chest or what. Has anyone else experienced this?

    I haven't got on to doing any submissions yet, all i have covered so far is escaping from full guard, single leg take downs some basic sprawling, The warm up was cool as well although i think i have got to practise a lot until i get everything right. We did various rolls, over each shoulder, how to fall without hurting yourself.

    I am loving the MMA training and am going back this evening since i broke my finger.
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    At my school, Boxing, BJJ, and Muay Thai are all seperate and only the ones who have good enough skills can do the MMA class which is all sparring and live drills.

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