First impressions on newcomers (mainly for higher belts)


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Jun 16, 2005
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For all the BJJ or Judo Practitioners out there, what impression or thoughts do you get when you see a young student (middle school, high school) or a new comer in general signs up and rolls at the Academy or Dojo you train at? Do you get cocky, look down on them, get mad because the class will get more crowded etc. or do you reminisce and think about how you first started as a grom (newb, newcomer, whatever you want to call it) and have a little grin?

I was just curious to see what other people's reactions and thoughts are when someone new signs up.
i don't even notice them...when i train i pay attention to the people i've been training with for years.when i do get a chance i feel them out usually i let them try things on me.ill probally sweep em and keep control.i don't pay attention until maybe they get four stripes or get a blue.
If they have a good attitude, it makes me happy and I want to help them.

If they have a bad attitude, I want to reach down their throats and crush their hearts in my bare hand, then pants them and stuff their crushed hearts up their asses. Usually the damn draw string makes it too hard to pants them though, 'cause you gotta untie it, and then I just sort of lose interest and throw the crushed heart into a trash bin and go wash my hands.

Seriously though, it's all about a positive attitude.
I am always friendly and welcoming even when they spazz out
i try to help them and encourage them as much as possible. i let themn know there are goig to ba a lot of days at first that are hard and you wont be the "winner" all the time.
the important thing is to pay attention to the details and rep the techniques out, eben if it becomes boring to do them 20 times
I think of myself in such cases as an ambassitor of the sport in general, and specificly for my school. I try to encourage all new students because the more people we get out there training the better it is for the sport, also the more we get at our school the better it is for our school.

Of course attitude is important, and if a noob comes in with attitude that can all be thrown out the window.
In wrestling and BJJ I try to take newcomers under my wing and mentor them. They won't learn anything from getting beat senseless by a much more experienced partner. I'll do live rolling with them but only go maybe 50% and feed them pointers along the way.
If they are cool & respectful & try their best i will respond in kind & help them rather than just smashing them around.

If they bring a bad attitude and really try to take me down I will pound them for a while until they are gassed & sore & I have proven my point - THEN I will help them.
Depends, I try to get as many new guys signed up at my gym to help the instructor out and I'll help everyone with their technique if it's off. However as far as consistent training technique/rolling I always perfer to work with the guys better than me or the guys who want to be fighters and are serious about it.

For instance a guy comes in wanting to be a fighter I will train with him alot, show him all the little details with his technique and just absolutely kick his ass rolling for the first few weeks. Once he has some decent knowledge i'll go maybe 75% showing him things whenever I sweep him or tap him then maybe go around 50% for a while until he gets good enough to make me work for a tap.

Now if a new guy just comes in for recreation I won't spend nearly as much time training with them.

Me I perfer to help get the guys who want to be fighters to that next level in their grappling so they are closer to tapping me out.

I never look down on anyone, however if someone comes in with a little bit of training or from another Jiu-Jitsu/Submission grappling school looking to tap everyone out and kick everyones ass I tend to humiliate them on the mat.

Usually it takes a few weeks for me to start showing this type my "secrets" on the ground once their ego is in place and they consider training as training to improve and make eachother better and not a competition. When they join the family then we all improve..

This last part is almost how it was when I first started at the gym I am at now, though I was respectful it took 2-3weeks until I settled in and started showing whoever I was rolling with how I caught them with something and how to defend vice versa.. ect.
I'm only a white belt, but for some reason it seems at my school they always send the new students to me during sparring for their first days. I don't know if its because of my small size compared to most where Gracie jiu jitsu tries to emphasize size not mattering, or them just trying to punish me haha. Usually like most of you guys I usually just feel them out, make sure they don't get out of control, and make sure I dont hurt them because most likely they dont know how to tap. Sometimes I worry because lots of newcomers have a tendency to go a bit hard, and some have wrestling experience and try to slam or neck crank you into oblivion the first day.

But mainly Im happy to have a new training partner, and I just emphasize giving them a good workout their first day, not submit them in 30 seconds, rather let them work and get comfortable.
i try to help but if they become a dick head about it and dont listen to me or other people i start to get pissed at them and decide to put on a submission clinic
Im there to learn and so are they..I think alot of people forget that when your rolling your there to learn not to stroke your own ego. If they are there to learn BJJ more power to them
I like to beat up on the new kids since I got my ass whooped at first. But I like to practice new things on them more then finish them with things I know I can do.
I like it when the new guys come. I try to teach them what I have learnt while we roll. I don't get all cocky on them. If they try to injure me tho' I let them have it.