First Day of Paleo dieting


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May 14, 2004
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Hello everyone, i have officially completed my first day of paleo dieting and i wanted to tell you guys what i thought about it and the hardest parts about getting it on track.

Well i have always wanted to do this diet but i loved my food man. I come from a Greek back round and kicking the grains and dairy was by far the hardest thing to do. Acctually the dairy was easier then i thought but the bread was hands down the hardest habbit i ever had to kick.

I woke up 7:30 in the morning and what i ate today was this

7:30 am- Handfull of Brazil nuts (you would be suprised how full this makes you)

I never eat during the day but im trying to change that aswell.

4:00 pm- Veal chunks cooked in Tomatoe suace and cinnamon with a bowl of boiled spinach with light olive oil and lemon and then a banana

5:00 pm - 1 clementine, 1 orange and 2 bananas

7:00 pm - 2 eye round steaks grilled with light olive oil and oregano, a brazil nut-banana/water shake (not bad)

I dont know if this seems like alot or even decent but i must say i felt damn good after every meal and i had so much energy. I also must admit i cannot eat any more food for the life of me i am completley stuffed, I completley vouch for this diet and have nothing but the greatest to say about it

It makes me feel good, light on my feet (esspecially if you spread the meals out) happy and full of energy.
sounds good, man, I'm doing Berardi's Get Shredded diet (purely for vanity, I know, I'm shallow, whatever) and this sounds like heaven. Good luck on your diet
I've been doing this since mid march and feel fantastic!!
dairy is okay too, fucking raw milk is bitchin. feels good or feels better!

raw meat + raw milk + large variety of unpasteurized vegetable / fruice juices...i'll never go back
^^^Dude you have to take that website out of your sig. Forum rules. Besides, CEE is shit.
Why would you go without eating for 8-9 hours?

What's the basis of this diet anyway?
Why would you go without eating for 8-9 hours?

What's the basis of this diet anyway?

I went without eating because i was working and its a little hard for me to eat in between breaks. Being Greek myself i firmly beleive in sitting down and enjoying yourmeal and letting it settle. I just cant eat through out the day if im really busy. If it was calmer i would.

The interval is not apart of the diet its just my preference for hard days at work. On weekends i would be eating a shitload through out the day. And being well into the diet i can tell you guys that i feel amazing and that i dont crave any bullshit foods anymore.