First BJJ Competition....?


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Nov 13, 2006
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I am about to compete in my first BJJ competition on April 12th. I have a few basic questions that I'm hoping those of you with experience can help me with.

I'm keeping my bjj training steady but as far as weight training, when should I stop to insure I am not sore or gassed for the match? Is there a particular way of training I should emphasize during the upcoming weeks? What should I eat the day before the match? The morning of the match? Making weight is not a problem.

I'd appreciate any help and advice you can give me.

I think we REALLY need a sticky on "first tournament preparations"

although just keep drilling your submissions and sweeps, don't try anything new. Don't over train before it either. And just eat some healthy food the night before and you should be fine. In the morning have some cereal or whatever and don't go all out in the first minute.
Chances are you wont win your first comp but it's good for experience and just have fun and don't think about it as a competition.
Believe me I'm not going in with any expectations. I just look at it as continued training, win or lose. I'll keep my bjj training consistant but should I stay out of the weightroom for the last week/few days before the match? I don't want my muscles to be gassed. And good point about not going all out in the first minute. Thanks

Anyone/thing else?
PRACTICE YOUR TAKEDOWNS FROM STANDUP!!!!!!!!!! Most BJJ schools start from the knees most of the time in sparring and when tourney time comes they can't get position. Time, Unfortunatley is of the essence. Get position early and some points and then go for the sub baby. ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO GET PAN AM RESULTS???
Just do it. Stop lifting a short time before. Work on your cardio and standup. You'll learn a lot..etc..
I thought we had a sticky for this.....

cardio cardio

impose your will.
Thanks for the advice guys. Sorry if I missed the sticky. I don't come on here often.

The tournament is the Renzo Gracie Invitational. Only Renzo affiliate schools compete.
I'll be competing in that tournament as well, maybe I'll see you there. Don't kill yourself in training the night before, and be mindful of the scoring and points system, especially if you're not used to it.