Fire explorers vs. police explorers boxing tourney..


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Feb 4, 2008
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im an fire explorer out of in southern california and my post and i are trying to jumpstart some boxing matches with other police explorers from a post in our area...

me and a couple of others guys have elected to join in...
all the others have previously trained in boxing and have some expirience.. where i have almost none...
they all train at the same gym and want me to start coming in with them..

now i dont wanna just show up out of shape with horrible cardio and strength...
so teh question is..
what should i do to prepare myself for training and getting ready for the matches...

i work out every saturday and sunday with my post at the station, usually running, and circuit training...
what more can i do to get myself prepared?

btw. the match will take place sometime during the summer...

thought? comments? advice?

Well you're joining a boxing comp right? Get in your friends gym and learn to box!
if possible start training boxing everyday, and start sparring more and more. try to spar with the biggest badasses in the gym and ask for tips and help, they'll usually oblige.

as for conditioning, get your daily run in, and start doing sprints and jumping rope. find a hill and sprint up it a bunch :D

try posting and searching in the conditioning forum for some real advice on how to better condition yourself for a boxing match.

and check out

Believe me when i say, this guy knows his shit.
you are gonna be amazed at how tired you get when you first start.

you wont be use to the different muscles used. the best way to prepare, is to start ASAP
Get to the gym ASAP because you haven't got a lot of time to learn to box. Start working out cardio at least 3 days a week and work your way up. If you really want to prove you're a stud do your jogging in your turnout gear:icon_chee
Get to a gym to learn to Box. Learn Technique for atleast two days a week. On the days when your not focusing on the Boxing side you should start with a few miles of running. Nothing Major between 1-5. And not at a fast pace just steady.
Then get a jump rope and skip for different time periods. You can pick whatever you want but mix it up with long skips with no rest and sprint skipping with minute rests in between.
Then find a Hill, Not like a mountain say a hill you could run up in about 30 seconds easily, Then sprint up it and back down, When you get to the bottom do 40 push ups and repeat a few times.
Cardio will probably win you more matches than good Boxing technique if its a tournament of amatuer fighters that arent really experienced.
P.s. That work out might work for you as its a Combo of mine, And some other Boxers and MT guys I know.
The Hill thing is this one Muay Thai fighters workout and he is a fucking animal!