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Finding a new twist to the Cauliflower ear discussion...


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Oct 28, 2003
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So you meet an incredibly hot girl, perfect in every way, except she's got cauli ears...

What do you think?

The more I thought about it the more I think it's a turn on for me.
i'd only be worried about it if she wasn't a grappler.
I would think what a great target to finish up in~
i wouldnt mind unless it was just insanely bad cauli
I would feed the loca chocha pinga while I force her finger where my bolas linger.
I know a girl, who is a grappler, and kinda has partial cauliflower ear. She's a pretty bad ass bitch, but not very attractive. I would not have sex with her.
i cant believe im reading this thread. could i get those 30 seconds of my life back now?
Wow, I laughed too much on this one. But the is not just no, It's Fuck No!
I would hold her by the hears wile fucking doggy style!
Depends on if it makes her look buttugly or not.
Come on guys, I bet Krya's got little caili's and you wouldn't say no to her.
Just be careful she doesn't armbar you from the open guard or some sh*t... Perhaps it'd be safer to take her back...