Fighting Viewing - TV vs Live (Fan vs Commentators/Judges)

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by phatron, Feb 9, 2020.

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    One thing that many fans don't realize because they haven't ever been to a fight or sat on the floor at an event is that everyone's view of the action is different.

    The home viewer has a far better view of the action than the commentators or the judges. When you are sitting on the floor at an event (or cageside like the judges) and the action is on the otherside of the cage, there are many many instances where you really can't see what is going on. The ref, a fighter, fence, camerman, pole, etc may be blocking your view.

    You can't really appreciate this until you've actually sat on the floor and the action is on the other side of the octagon against the fence and the ref AND one of the fighters are blocking your view of the action.

    I am also fairly certain that the judges don't sit right next to each other. I believe they each sit at different positions around the octagon, so this is one of the main reasons why judges scorecards can vary....they each have a completely different view of the action.

    Round 2 is the round that everyone thinks Reyes should have won that 2 of the judges gave Jones. The strikes were within 11. Taking into consideration the different viewing angles and if each judge could actually see the strike and/or see if it landed. It's actually very easy to see how this round can be scored differently being viewed from different angles and potentially missing some of Reyes' strikes.

    Just something to remember that I believe everyone often forgets.
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    Judges and commentators both have video monitors I believe. They get to see the same feed as the viewer at home.

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